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What is Vofans?

Vofans Network is a vertical blockchain platform designed and developed for entertainment industry. Artists can easily establish their own token ecosystem on Vofans Network. Fan communities, developers and brand owners can also easily participate in this token ecosystem.


Entirely in line with the characteristics of the entertainment industry, can fully motivate fans and artists,and this encouragement leads to higher levels of participation.


Vofans Network has rich API and supports the development and available accesses of multiple types of DApp.


Without any additional program development, the creation and circulation of Artist Exclusive Token will be more efficiently and easily.

Vofans Economic System

Vofans’ token economic system is composed of VOF and artistes' exclusive token. We will provide an exchange for circulation of the two types of cryptocurrency.

Platform Token


VOF is the platform token of Vofans Network. Fans use VOF to participate in the crowdfunding. We can only use VOF to buy and sell artistes' exclusive token on our exchange.






Artist A Token

Artist B Token

Artist C Token

Mining behavior of fans

VOF deals with artiste Token

Artist Exclusive Token


Each Token exclusively corresponds and name after to a specific artist or a band. The artist's selling behavior generates the Token, fans crowdfunding activities for artists (digital contents, physical goods, tickets, interactive rewards, etc.) and other support activities. The tokens can be used for these goods consumption or traded on the Artist Exclusive Token exchange

Mining behavior of fans

Artist A Token


Digital goods

Physical goods



Welfare mall

What can we do for Artist Exclusive Token?

Vofans provides wallet tools to create Token on the blockchain more conveniently.

Vofans provides crowdfunding and pre-sale platforms, making Token easy to sell.

After the Token is issued, you can log on to Vofans exchange and other cooperative exchanges for public trading.

Vofans provides Token consumption and exchange platform, which can be used to purchase multiple types of goods or services.

With the Vofans development platform, everyone can provide services or applications for the Token economic system.


The mission of Vofans is to help fans to be more deeply and continuously involved in the growth of Artists and at the same time, tokenize the value of Artists’ personal IP. The whole progress will be a driving force for the ecosystem and market expansion.

Revolutions to artists

The Artist Exclusive Token is issued by each artist/band, the creation of the Artist Exclusive Token is as simple as registering a Facebook account

Vofans Network utilizes a blockchain network that supports Artist Exclusive Token creation tool -- V wallet with multiple built-in smart contract templates. Just fill in the artist attributes and data, and then go online without any technical development. Just fill in the artist information and focused field, then the token could be issued after passing the audition without any additional program development.

Vofans has developed a creation tool called V wallet, which contains various forms of artist smart contract templates. The artist first needs to apply for an account of V wallet, and then select the corresponding contract template after passing the identity audit to create a personal exclusive digital currency.

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Revolutions to fans

In Vofans Network, fans can participate in the activities of the artist and get the Artist Exclusive Token by making contributions in the events. Fans can also use VOF to participate in the artist's crowdfunding, thus earning the Artist Exclusive Token.

In the future, fans are followers, and also, investors of artists. They will get more and better Artists' bonus rewards and product after supporting artists in the early stage.

Based on Vofans Network, our first DApp (AFF) is coming soon.

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Vofans Network Developers

Vofans Network is a blockchain open platform specially designed and developed for the entertainment industry, and any developer can develop entertainment industry-related applications on Vofans Network. Developers can not only use the API and development tools provided by the Vofans team, but also have the entire ecological resources connected to the Vofans Network.

Why we can

At present, the Vofans team has accumulated many years of experience in the management and operation of fan communities, and cooperated with QQ, China's most widely used social networking software, to launch our large fan community platform production— All For Fans.

Existing fan community users

All For Fans






Fan Community



Brand Cooperation

ALL FOR FANS has worked successfully with many well-known brands. The Vofans team has maintained long-term and excellent communication and cooperation with the brand owners.

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Our first DApp - AFF, based on Vofans Network development, is coming soon! Stay tuned!

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